Berlin Technical College in Germany


Free University of Berlin (Freie Universität Berlin), Berlin, Germany

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Established since 1775, Berlin Technical College (BTC) is one of the international training institution leading reputable engineering in Germany. This is a school with a tradition of quality education according to objective evaluation of many companies, large corporations in Germany and worldwide.

II. The education major :
Faculty of Natural Sciences and Materials:
+Inorganic chemistry and analytical chemistry
+Engineering and Materials Science
+Phy metallic materials
+Organic chemistry
+Physical Chemistry
+Technology and medical physics
+Engineering polymer materials and plastics materials
+Professional chemistry
+Health Management
+Laser applications
Energy sciences and economics:
+Electrical engineering
+Processing techniques and technologies of energy fuel
+Environmental science
+Geology and Paleontology
+Geodetic Engineering and Mining
+Mining and energy law
+Economics and Management
+Handling the mineral and waste, waste treatment technologies
+Minerals and Mineral Resources
+Petroleum Engineering
Faculty of Mathematics, science and computer engineering:
+Mechanical Applications
+Chemical engineering
+Computer science
+Computer Information Technology
+Technology Communication
+Molecular Technology
+Nuclear Engineering and analysis of metal fatigue
+Process technology and production control
+Study on the abrasion of the engine and its transshipment energy machine
III. Cost
-General contribution: 12 Euro / 1 period
-Student fees: 59 Euro / 1 period
-Administrative fees: 75 Euro / 1 period
-Study costs: 500 Euro / 1 period
-Room and board: 600 Euro / 1 month
IV. Admission Profile
+High school diploma
+Certificates to college
+Transcripts of stay in college
+The other academic certificates
+German Certificate
+Staying card
-Winter semester: 15/4
-Summer semester: 15/10


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