Biediger University in Germany


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Biediger University  is a university in Bielefeld, Germany. Founded in 1969, it is one of the new universities of the country, and described itself as "reform" university, following a different style of teaching institutions and universities more University was founded. In particular, the university aims to "re-establish the unity between research and teaching," and so all faculty teaching courses in the field they studied. The university also stressed focusing on interdisciplinary research, the help of the architect, which surrounds all faculties in a great structure. It is one of the first German university to convert some science (eg biology) to Bachelor / Master-level as part of the Bologna process.

Bielefeld University has started a project to modernize the multi-phase expansion, which upon completion in 2025 will result in the building of the new university to replace the 40 year old main building. The total investment of over € 1000000000 has been planned for this policy. 
The school has the following departments:

+Department of Biology 
+Department of Chemistry 
+Department of History, Philosophy and Theology 
+Department of History
+Department of Philosophy
+Department of Theology
+Faculty of Public Health 
+Faculty of Philology 
+Department of Art and Music 
+Faculty of Mathematics 
+Faculty of Education 
+Department of Physics 
+Department of Psychology and Sport 
+Faculty of Law 
+Department of Sociology 
+Faculty of Technology 
+Faculty of Business Administration and Economics 

Biediger University is one of the centers of the student protests in the fight against the introduction of tuition fees. During the protests, the central hall and the presidential office universities were occupied by students protesting for more than a month. In a vote of ASTA and the student congress was held, about 94 percent of the participants voted against the introduction of tuition fees, although only 22 percent of students drop their ballots . This is compared with similar results at other universities of Germany.

In the meeting of July 12, 2006, the University Senate decided to introduce tuition fees of € 500 per semester, beginning in 2007.

In August 2006, a universal key to the university went missing during a Senate session. Subsequently, many cases of arson and destruction of property were university reported. Biediger University is a specific target of the attack. The cost of the damage, mainly due to the replacement of thousands of locks, estimated at over one million euros.


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