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Boheme College synthesis is achieved through experimental environment, familiar space and above all the people here, people who attend, study and work at the school.

The descriptive statistics table with a common will is not enough, here are a better information about the numbers counted in 2013.

Bauhaus Weimar Đại học tổng hợp Bauhaus Weimar đào tạo kiến trúc hàng đầu tại Đức

- 4 Science majors:

Architecture and urban planning, construction techniques, design and finally the Media. All combined in a unique relationship. The science of this industry and the field operations enable the school possesses a very diverse profile.
- 36 Discipline:

The range includes the teaching of the principles of visual art and technical science. There are a lot of study here in this form in no other place in Germany. Because contents of this form and the structure as well as the operating environment is highly specific.

- 4373 students enrolling:

Occupying the largest number of students was the department of architecture and urban planning with 1235 students. Followed by the technical department building with students and media in 1133 is 1163 students. Science design with 683 enrolled students. Also in 2013, there are 146 students  participating in an intensive training program graduate here.

Bauhaus Weimar2 Đại học tổng hợp Bauhaus Weimar đào tạo kiến trúc hàng đầu tại Đức
- 82 professors, 17 associate professors:

Synthetic Bauhaus University Weimar provides a creative learning environment, the program has had a lot on their own that you can perform. The topic is usually performed as a convenience nature projects with small groups and close relations between faculty and students. Activities in this program will help you always have exciting student life here.

Bauhaus Weimar4 Đại học tổng hợp Bauhaus Weimar đào tạo kiến trúc hàng đầu tại Đức

- 195 partner universities, 496 places student exchange:

Usually in the period between the 3rd semester and 5th degree program you will have the opportunity to attend school celebration in foreign exchange, while the master's program, the 3rd semester Some Faculty also set regulations on private research study called Mobilitatsfenster (windows mobile). The university is on track Weimar internationalization is also reflected very significantly in the ranking of the support program of the German Academic Exchange Institute (DAAD) in the following elements: In the acquisition of the package scholarship assistance as well as individuals, based on the number of students of the 5th semester and 6th, so the school was ranked 3rd in the whole federal figures.
- 20% of international students:
Specific program of the school with an international orientation and interdisciplinary multi many years has attracted many foreign students to study in Weimar. The average rate on federal Germany is 12%, then at the Bauhaus University Weimar this figure up to 20% in 2013.
- 4985 people visit the school:
Since 2006 a team of students of the school-cum-guide has supported a lot of tourists visit the school to feel the Bauhaus school of architecture. Not only that, they also tell visitors about the history and current information of the University Weimar, besides, they could share about the exciting phase in the life of the Bauhaus school of architecture.
  - Semester fee:
This fee is actually part of the training fee. Depending on each case and depending on the semester fee may vary. At the University of Weimar fees are intended partly for student council (Studierendenkonvent - abbreviated StuKo), a section devoted to the activities of state student board Thueringen (Studentenwerk) and the rest for use student tickets (Semesterticket).
- Long-term tuition:
If your study period was extended by more than 4 semesters compared with normal school, you will have to pay a fee next semester fee, which is equivalent to about 500 Langzeitstudiengebuhren Eu / school stay.
Cost of living in Weimar than other learning venues are considered relatively low. Often the monthly costs of students studying in Germany an average of about 762 Euro. This figure is drawn from a survey of student support committee Germany (2009), which includes the fees for rent, food, travel, fun activities, insurance, examination doctor, clothing, telephone, internet and learning materials. And in the city of Weimar, the living costs of students are  below this average.


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