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GGSB is international training school in Grenoble, which is ranked sixth among the the best business schools in France, and is one of the few schools in the world ,who receives recognition of  accreditation organizations: AMBA, AACSB, EQUIS.

Its training program includes theoretical program combined with skills training, will provide students with the knowledge and skills to build a successful career in international business.

International Ranking - Ranking

- Ranked No. 2 in France for training graduate management industry (Le Parisien 2015)

- Ranked No. 15 world specialized in training Master International Management (Financial Times 2014)

- Ranked No. 6 among the best business schools of France (L'Etudiant, Le Figaro, Le Point)

- Ranked No. 25 in the best MBA programs in Europe, and ranks fifth in the ranking of best MBA in France (Which MBA, The Economist, 2014)

- Ranked No. 12 among the Master of the world financial sector (Financial Times, 2014)

- Place 12 of the schools best European Business. (Financial Times, 2014)


1. University degree of Bachelor of Business program:


- Training program of the training program is the top of Bachelor of International Business program in France. The program will provide students with platform knowledge  in all aspects related to international business, opening up opportunities for students to apply and manage a lot of industry sectors.

- Opportunity to choose a specialized majors  including: Finance, International Management, Marketing / PR, Time to- fork design.

- The curriculum is international , with the participation of students from across the country.

- Students will be accumulated work experience and valuable business relations in two compulsory internship of the schools.

- Enriching international knowledge through student exchange programs with schools link. Students will spend a semester abroad in the last year of the training program.

2. Program Master of International Business (Master in International Business)

London- Paris- Grenoble- Singapore

- Provides basic and depth knowledge in management and international business in order to meet the recruitment needs of the global group in the context of current fluctuations.

- The opportunity to work internationally in many areas: HR, finance, marketing, IT ...

- Comprehend management skills, advanced intelligence, learning in an academic setting and leading practices

- Benefits from the international and multicultural environment, Facilitate network building relationships with students from around the world.

3. The master program of Business Development (MSc Business Development)


- Become consultants to help companies to penetrate new markets, develop innovative product breakthroughs, mastering development and growth of the company.

- Collaboration with leading companies to solve each case, identify and exploit opportunities to develop new business plans.

- Graduated students are equipped analytical capabilities development capabilities of enterprises, professional marketing skills, sales techniques and building strategy.

- The master program Innovation, Strategy and build businesses (MSc Innovation, Strategy and Entrepreurship)

4. Master in Finance MSc Financial

Grenoble- London- Singapore

- Always put in the very high rankings in the top of the Master of Finance of the world (Financial Times).

- Comprehensive training program, including the financial knowledge and advanced platforms.

- To develop financial skills as well as basic skills in management, strategy and communication

- Eligibility to work in the financial institutions and other disciplines (Investment and financial cooperation ...)

5. MA in organizational development and international human resource management. (MSc International Human Resource Management & Organizational Development)

Grenoble- London

- Have sufficient skills to work in the HR industry in any country, in any organization

- In addition to the comprehensive understanding of International Human Resource Management, students will have a deep understanding of organizational development.

- Graduates will acquire the knowledge in international HR management, including the most current knowledge in this sector with skills in management, strategy and communication.

- Development of global management skills, ability to manage HR in multi-cultural environment and design skills overall development strategy.

6. Master of Fashion Management, Design and luxury goods sector (MSc)

Paris-London Grenoble-

- Graduates are equipped with advanced business skills, professional to successfully manage and grow the brand internationally, in an environment with high competition.

- Learn a lot through study tours one of the world's fashion capitals.

- Get work experience and relationships with businesses in the 3 months interships, fairs and business events

7. Master of Marketing Management (MSc)

Grenoble- London

- Learning basic of marketing, innovation management applications and digital marketing.

- Access to the latest technology, learn directly with experts in business management. Practice directly through practical training workshops and the development of personal skills.

- Recognized by the CIM.

8. Business mangement MBA


- To build a network of international relations

- Comprehend the main skills and soft skills in management


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