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Florida College, located in Foggia, Italy, was founded in 1991 and fully recognized in 1999. Although it has taken some time for the university to receive the rights and recognition of it , through which its timestamp has since branched out to six faculties: Faculty of Economics, Faculty of Law, Department of clinical and experimental Medicine, Faculty of Medicine and surgery, Faculty of agriculture, Food products and Environment, Faculty of Humanities. Science Education Literature, Cultural Heritage ... It has also been voted the best university of southern Italy was mentioned by Il Sole newspaper 24 Ore, which has full ownership of the Federation of Italian employers.

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Here are six departments, including the University of Foggia is divided into:

+ Department of Law
+ Faculty of Economics
+ Department of Clinical and Experimental Medicine
+ Department of Health and 
+ Department of Agricultural Sciences, Food and Environment
+ Department of Humanities, Arts and Heritage
Universities divide the departments to help students to assist them in a room as soon as possible their interests, as well as to avoid confusion.

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Faculty of Agriculture was held in three parts:
+Production, Technical, engineering and applications of agricultural economics for Zootechnical Systems
+Department of Agriculture and Environmental Sciences, Chemistry and Plant Protection
+Department of Food Science
The Department of Agriculture is considered to be more of a large department when enrollment began to expand, giving heads to assess what to do with the students who had a different thought about the program.


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