Living and studying in Germany

Dear friend-student going to studying in Germany

 When I first set foot on Germany, reach a new culture, a new way of life, we ​​might feel more or less confused . Additionally we also go against the differences in language. That is the first problem you'll face. Through this article , we hopes to answer your questions and help you integrate quickly with life in Germany.

Quickly integrate with life in Germany

During the learning process
Student Association will assist you throughout the process of learning by the different services. They provide housing for students with an affordable price. You will be dining halls and the cafeteria bar offers a healthy diet with a reasonable price.

During the learning process, students will get a lot of advice and useful information, there are also strengths of each student associations. Social Advisory Services also belong on, many associations supporting both psychological counseling for students before each exam.


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Renewal of residence permit

International students do not come from the EU or EWR by law obliged to extend a residence permit.

 Those who have a visa in Germany and want to stay long-term in any case require a residence permit. Even students from other countries must apply for a residence in Germany. Aliens' Office is the place responsible for that.

Students from countries in the EU, common economic area between the EU and Switzerland do not need a residence permit. But they must prove that they have health insurance and can pay the school.

To obtain a residence permit you must have a certificate of enrollment at a university, announced at the shelter, proven financial and valid health insurance. Residence permit visa is like. For international students, a residence permit may also help to apply for a language course or college. With a residence permit, you can know how much the overtime hours per week. For students attending preparatory or are preparing for language exams, you are only allowed to work during vacation.

Residence permits for study purposes will be issued twice a year, but must be extended before expiry of residence.

Studying and working
Besides learning, the students also choose to work more to cover the cost of learning and accumulating experience. According to a recent survey of the German student associations, totaling approximately 2/3 students to do more while still in college.

Even for international students, part time job is a great choice. However, for students who do not come from the EU or EWR, you will have limited time to work in Germany.

There are two warnings for you:

- Who work and left many subjects will have to extend learning. Those that take the time off to work semester.

- The labor market for students is increasingly difficult, the need for supply is reduced.

Free time
The newly enrolled students can quickly feel lonely and lost. So you need to quickly get acquainted with a few classmates endearing, especially when simple semester begins, by then many new students and also to correspond. Even if you have too many problems in the new school year, you should invest some time associate relationships and find the fun with friends.

Recreational activities of the student union
Many student associations often have activities and entertainment and organized activities such as parties, sports, games evenings ... Some associations are both rooms have separate cultural, theater, photography courses and painting ... and provide space and equipment for events.

German students
The recreational activities for your students in Germany Vietnam
International Club of the university
Not just a service, but many schools also have international club of academic institutions for foreign students. These clubs often organize exchange activities, watching movies, visiting museums or exhibitions, parties, city tours and excursions opportunities for people around the world get acquainted with together.

Sports activities
Sports activities are usually held at a number of universities. More than 170 schools are members of the Sports Association of German universities (ADH). This activity is aimed at students, teachers and employees of the university, and put into the sport classes for everyone from popular sports to competitive sports for athletes . Generally moderate rates. There are a few key beloved and soon run out of space, you learn subscription term.

School band
Most German universities have a band or a choir. You like to play an instrument or like to sing? You will find a suitable position in the band or choir. The orchestra and choir are competing in the music program was held at the school and the provisions of each semester will have a full-evening concert. You can unleash pursue his favorite.

Language exchange "mutually beneficial"
A good opportunity to expand their knowledge and make friends language is the language exchange in a "mutually beneficial". Two people with different native languages ​​work together to learn from each other. Both teachers and students. You do not necessarily have to speak grammatically correct or complete the fill post. You can meet at a bar, drinking cafe and talked for hours in one language and then in other languages, for example, discuss a book or a movie, or general cooking ... The birth member, international office, the language center of the school will be a bridge for you.


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