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PARIS - The Best City to Study Abroad in France

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On condition to enroll Master, basically students have graduated with the same majors (or related) and have qualified French language to study

Matt University is a public schools including three member universities, one polytechnique school. Tuition fees of these schools are around 200-500 Euros / year because French government supports the majority of funds for training. This is a city with a fairly comfortable standard of living, cost of living is moderate and not as expensive as Paris.

The School is a member of these universities:

University of Toulouse I (economics, computer science, management ,,)

University of Toulouse II (history, social sciences and humanities, art ...)

 University of Toulouse III (medicine, mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology ...)

To learn more about the requirements of schools, students can get information on webiste of the mathematics in the box below:


On a total of 43 Fields Medal - the highest award for mathematicians under 40 years old - born in 1936, there were 11 people who came as the French mathematician or worked in France .And The one who got the latest award in 2002 is  Laurent Lafforgue - Researchers at IHES.

Besides, mathematician- Alain Connes was honored to receive the award Craford in 2001, Jean-Pierre Serre was the head to receives Abel Prize in Mathematics in 2003. Mathematics gather various majors coming from financial statistics, nuclear, biological or insurance, social science and new technologies ..., all of which were marked by the development of information technology. This development has made the pre-existing discrimination between pure mathematics and applied mathematics no longer clear as before.

(Alain Connes)


Studying civil engineering major at the most famous university in France

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This is  the top priority place for research, but for a long time, other universities also have taught the professional training programs and at all levels: bachelor, bachelor professional (baccalaureate + 3 years), Masters Degree Master (baccalaureate + 5 years), PhD (Baccalaureate + 8 years) with more specialized focus.

* Baccalaureate + 3: Bachelor

Besides classic majors like mathematics and classical Computer Science, the school also put some various subjects as following:

-Aix-Marseille 1, applied mathematics in human sciences.

 -Lyon 1, accounting and human informatics, applied mathematics and the social sciences.

-Paris 5 René Descartes, mathematics, informatics and applications; professional bachelor of engineering activities and communications, specialized business lines of the Internet.

-La Rochelle, computer science, mathematics and applications in economics.

Rennes I, mathematics, informatics, physics and economics.

* Baccalaureate + 4 years (Master's degree Master 1)

-La Réunion, specialized math mathematics projects.

-La Rochelle, applied mathematics and social science.

-Louis Pasteur Strasbourg I, high school science management and risk management.

Montpellier II, high school science management, scientific decision-making.

* Baccalaureate + 5 years (masters studies Master 2)

-Ax-Marseille University 1,; Aix-Marseille 2 University,; Aix-Marseille University 3, (cooperative training) and applied mathematics: scientific calculations and blueprints mechanical - physical - separate derivatives equation in numerical analysis - probability and statistics - mathematics.

-University of Brest, (cooperative training with Rennes I, ENS Cachan, INSA Rennes, Rennes ENSAI): algebraic geometry - probability and unknowns - analysis and application - statistical.

-University of Technology of Compiègne, information technology and systems.

-University of Grenoble I, math, basic math specialization.

-University of La Rochelle, computer science, mathematics and computing applications of information (images and data calculation)

-University of Rennes I, math majors algebra - geometry, determine exported for analysis and application - stats.

-Paris-Sud 11 University, random models and statistics (with ENSP, Technology, INA), separate equations and calculations derived science (where partnered with ENSP, Institute senior scientist and nuclear engineering, polytechnic), pure mathematics (with ENSP, encyclopedia).

* Baccalaureate + 5 years (Master Professional Master 2)

- University of Ax-Marseille 1,; Aix-Marseille 2 University,; Aix-Marseille University 3, (cooperative training): applied mathematics and social sciences (indicative, modeling and social management of risk ) - mathematics and applications (scientific calculations and mechanical blueprints, statistical methods and computer science).

- University of Brest, Bretagne Occidentale University, EURIA Institute of premium surcharge of Europe, premium calculation (with ENSTB), optimization and allows scientific (Brest).

- University of Grenoble I, mathematics, computer science majors Password convention, security and encryption information.

- University of La Rochelle,, University of Poitiers, http: //www.univ-poitiers.frva CNAM Paris, (cooperative training): video games, interactive media number.

- University of Nancy 1, blueprints and tools of mathematics and informatics.

- University Paris Sud 11 - Orsay, applied mathematics.

- University of Rennes I, math, specialized modeling and analysis - statistical methods.


University of Auvergne in France

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