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  Living and studying in Germany The students, dear friend, when I first set foot into Germany, exposed to a new culture, a new way of life we ​​must have more or less everyone will see crestfallen. Additionally we also....

Meteor University is a private education in Singapore. Melior International College is located in the heart of downtown Singapore's Trade at Robinson Road. Partnership with CQUniversity Melior to deliver education through research, learning and teaching in Singapore.

Meteor University (MIC is part of the Education Melior Group, which has headquarters in Singapore.As 2010, Melior Education Group has five schools in Asia: Singapore Melior, MBS Chengdu (China) , MBS Shanghai (China), MBS Bangkok (Thailand), and MBS Saigon (Vietnam).

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Founded in 2007, the MIC was approved by the Singapore Ministry of Education (MOE) to award diplomas Singapore before, to achieve certification under the framework EduTrust Enhanced registration with the Council for Private Education


Approximately 980 students worldwide to receive each year in 4 countries, representing approximately 75 percent of those who apply; of those admitted about three-quarters choose to attend.

graduates receive Melior International College Advance Diploma, usually completed in 12-15 months.Melior International College for academic excellence as the large number of students who receive [BA] from the International University recognized throughout world, usually a bachelor's degree requires 3.5 to 4 years.

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There are four schools in Melior offers diploma before, undergraduate and postgraduate programs. These are the Tourism and Hospitality Management, School of Business, School of Psychology and School of Life Sciences. Especially before the diploma program for part-time workers are full-time professional research options to strengthen higher education, students can take the program in the same time with their national seasonal . 

Melior is associated with CQUniversity, program undergraduate students from the University of Central Queensland must also fully implement the courses in six areas designated:

+ Bachelor of Business Management
+ Bachelor of Business Marketing
+ Bachelor of Psychology
+ Bachelor of Science in Medical Biotechnology
+ Bachelor of Health Science in Nutrition
+ Bachelor of Hospitality Management


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