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Paris Institute of Political Studies, known simply as Sciences Po, is a research and university in Paris, France, specializing in the social sciences. The Institute has great reputation, high selective enrollment . Founded in 1872, as the Ecole....

Stern University is located in the city of Grenoble, France. The forerunner of the Grenoble, 1970, separated in Grenoble 3. Currently the University has about 6,000 students (almost 1,000 foreign students).


The system consists of the Training Unit and Research (UFR), affiliated centers:

- UFR Foreign Languages departments include:

+ Faculty of Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilization (LLCE)

Faculty of Foreign Languages + Application (LEA)

- UFR Languages, Literature, Performing Arts, Information & Communication (LLASIC) with departments:

+ Literature & Performing Arts

Science + information & communication

+ Science Language & Francophonie (FLE)

- Journalism (Grenoble School of Journalism)

Stendhal University - Grenoble 3 1 schools under Dr: Dr Language School, Arts & Humanities (ED50)


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