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The INP- ENSEEIHT is a French engineering school (Grande Ecole) in Electrical Engineering, Electronics, Computer Science, hydraulic and Telecommunications.

The INP-ENSEEIHT is a French public engineering schools the standings, as the confidence of the Ministry of National Education, University and Research and in an agreement with the Ecole polytechnique reputation. [1] INP-ENSEEIHT is one of the seven components of the National Polytechnic Institute of Toulouse de.

Curriculum standards is a three-year program, leading to the Diploma d'Ingenieur French, consider European universities (Bologna declaration) as an MA of European higher education. The ENSEEIHT is part of Institut National Polytechnique de Toulouse (INP Toulouse) which itself is part of the University of Toulouse. The school is also a relevant field of the Institute of Mines-Télécom.

The school was founded in 1907 by the city council of Toulouse with the aim of training engineers for development of South West France and hydraulic power network.
In the 1930s, Charles Camichel, first director of the school, develop hydraulic studies. Hydraulic then contribute to the school's reputation.
In 1948, the school became a ENSI - French acronym of the National Technical Superior School - under the direction of Leopold Escande. This is an acknowledgment of the high level of research and training.
The research institute 
The curriculum is a standard three-year program of French in specific techniques leading to the Diploma d'Ingenieur. This degree was formally considered by the Master of European higher education by the European Bologna declaration.

The five departments of the school are :
+Electrical Engineering and Automation
+Electronics and Signal Processing
+Computer Science and Applied Mathematics
+Hydraulics and Fluid Mechanics
+Telecommunications and Networks
The school also delivers Mastères Spécialisés (Specialized Masters), that are one or two years specialized programs in research that can be made after a Master's Degree.


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