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University of Naples Federico II (Italy: Università degli Studi di Napoli Federico II) is a university located in Naples, Italy. Founded in 1224 it is a public university and outside the oldest church in the world, and is now held in 13 faculties. It was the first university in Europe dedicated to the training of secular administration, [1] and one of the oldest academy in continuous operation. Federico II University is Tuesday in Italy by number of students, [citation needed] despite its huge size, it still represents one of the best universities in Italy [citation needed source] is a special excellence in research; in 2015 it was ranked among the first 100 universities in the world by citations per paper. [Citation needed] in 2016 it only has the general Italian universities in the Times Higher Education prestige, which considered the best 200 best universities in the world.The university is named name of its founder, Frederick II. From October 2016 organized by the University Institute developed the first Apple iOS.

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University of Naples Federico II was founded by the emperor of the Holy Roman Empire Frederick II on June 5 1224. It was organized to support the state's oldest higher education and research in the world. One of the most famous student of this university is a Roman Catholic theologian and philosopher Thomas Aquinas.

Fredrick II precise objectives when he founded the University of Naples: first, to train professionals and administrative skills profile bureaucracy Curia (the kingdom and the apparatus of governance) , also it is necessary to prepare for the lawyers and the judge will make the bill sovereignty and management. Second, he wants to create conditions for the cultural development of young promising students and scholars, avoiding unnecessary trips and expensive abroad (by creating a state university, emperor Frederick avoided having young students during his reign completed their training at the University of Bologna, which is in a city that is hostile to the imperial power).

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University of Naples was to be the first to be formed by a higher authority, and it is not based on an existing private schools. Despite his assertion to be the university's first state-sponsored could be challenged by Palencia (founded by the Castilian kings c.1212), Naples is undoubtedly one of the first charter.

The artificial of its creation poses major difficulties in attracting students (Thomas Aquinas is one of the few people who came in the early years). early years of the university has been complicated by the existence of long-term, near Salerno, medical faculty of Europe's most prestigious, Schola Medica Salernitana. The fledgling faculty of medicine at Naples there is little hope to compete with it, and in 1231, the right to inspect been surrendered to Salerno. The establishment of new faculties of theology and law under the auspices of the pope in Rome in 1245 Naples drained of students, as Rome was a more attractive location. In an effort to revive the universities is decreasing, in 1253, all the rest of the University of Naples moved to Salerno, in the hope of creating a viable university only for men. But the experiment failed and universities (excluding drugs) moved to Naples in 1258 (in some readings, Napoli was "refounded" in 1258 by Manfred Hohenstaufen, was by this time hardly any students left side). Angevin reforms after 1266 and the subsequent decline of Naples Salerno had to learn a new life and put it on a stable path, sustainable

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The university is divided into 13 faculties:

+Letters and philosophy
+Mathematical, physical and natural sciences
+Medicine and surgery
+Political sciences
+Veterinary medicine


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