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University of Salento (Italian: University of Salento, until 2007 known as the University of Lecce) is a university located in Lecce, Italy. It was founded in 1955 and is organized in six faculties.

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University of Salento began operations in 1955-1956 school year according to the "Council of the University of Salento". In 1960, it became the "Free University of Lecce" and was transferred to government agencies in the 1967-1968 school year.

Since 2005, the University of Salento is a partner of the European Centre for Mediterranean Climate Change (CMCC).

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251-275 Salento University is ranked among the top universities of the world and fifth in Italy, according to the function of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings released in 2015.


Faculty of Economics
-Bachelor's Programmes:
+Business Administration
+Economics And Finance
-Master's Programmes:
+Business Management
+Economics, Finance and Insurance
+Management of Tourist and Cultural Activities
Faculty of Education, Political and Social sciences[edit]
-Bachelor's Programmes:
+Theories and Educational Practices
+Science and Psychological Techniques
+Political Science And International Relations
+Social Service
-Master's Programmes:
+Design and Management of Training Processes
+Methodology of Psychological Intervention
+Geopolitical and International Studies
+Design and Management of Policies and Social Services
+Sociology and Social Research
+Primary Education Sciences (five years)
-Faculty of Engineering[edit]
-Bachelor's Programmes:
+Civil Engineering
+Information Engineering
+Industrial Engineering
-Master's Programmes:
+Aerospace Engineering (taught in English)
+Civil Engineering
+Communication Engineering (taught in English)
+Computer Engineering (taught in English)
+Management Engineering (taught in English)
+Materials Engineering and Nanotechnology (taught in English)
+Mechanical Engineering


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